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We Stay Ahead of Global Trends

A key component to set oneself apart in a world full of competitors is sometimes simply observing the landscape. Noticing and anticipating trends before they happen. Growth isn’t possible without the space to do so, that’s why we are expanding to a third location in Connecticut in 2018, and another in Florida the following year. These additions will triple our growth, allowing for more expedient manufacturing and service in a world that expects faster and faster results.

Targeting new markets is another tool that ensures vitality and long-term flexibility. Airframe and rotor aircraft fabrication are two arenas we have successfully entered, and the more varied services you can offer to customers, the more confidence exists from the top down. The very act of manufacturing engine parts, or repairing them at MRO facilities, guarantees a keen eye and learning experience for coming engine technologies, both with what they’re composed of, and what will be required for servicing them. That balance of existing craftsmanship, with an eye to the future, bolster both the MRO and OEM operations, and allow fluid addition of truly turnkey solutions.

Are you ready to grow in today’s global market? Our turnkey solutions can help.

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Our Capabilities

ACMT excels at handling medium to complex, close tolerance details or assemblies manufactured from sheet metal and composite materials. We also specialize in the manufacture and repair of gas turbine components and accessories, as well as airframe and rotor aircraft technologies.

ACMT has the ability to be both meticulously prepared and incredibly flexible. Being able to meet the expectations of the customer from start to finish requires having the right equipment, expertly-trained staff, and the best materials and methods for each job. Our engineers are problem solvers, first and foremost.

Our capabilities differ with each facet of our company:

  • Turnkey Solutions for a true one-stop-shop experience
  • New technology, including automation, robotics, and hydroforming
  • Dedicated clean rooms for guaranteed component integrity

Customer Service Is Everything

All the quality products in the world would not matter if we did not deliver them on-time, on-budget, and with the customers’ needs at the forefront. And it’s not just selling the customer a product; it’s building a relationship and collaborating with them to not only see the project through, but to help them stay ahead of the curve and predict changes on their own. It can difficult to navigate such a complex market. We sell the full experience.

Our promise to our customers is one that ensures we will be there for them every step of the way. We will work closely with them to help them develop their project. We will stay in close contact with them while the work is being done, keeping them aware of scheduling and planning. We will be there at completion and afterward, addressing any needs or questions that may arise.

Our Mission

ACMT is committed to manufacturing quality products, and providing engineering solutions to the aerospace industry, with an emphasis on exceptional customer service and sustainability. Our mission is to be the leading innovator in aerospace manufacturing practice and technology, invest in the people who make our organization possible, and to have a meaningful and lasting impact on our local communities.

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