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(Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

Even if we don’t make the parts for you ourselves, we conduct Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) on gas turbine components and accessories for commercial and military aviation. ACMT can overhaul most Fan Module and Low Pressure Compressor static components across several major engine manufacturers. Fan Bypass and Composite Components are another MRO capability.

Collaborating with the customer is a key element of the process, both for reacting to fluctuations in the existing MRO market, and for preparing to service newer engine programs as they mature. And MRO doesn’t just collaborate with the customer, they also stay in synergy with the OEM department, consulting and working together on repairs.

We excel in traditional part repairs like heat treatment, welds, detail replacement, and chrome or nickel plate repairs, but have also adopted more diverse methods like patching, bonding, and molding/casting. Premium parts like Fiberglass, carbon fiber, graphite, and Kevlar are utilized, as are dedicated clean rooms to prevent cross-contamination. Lean Manufacturing processes and high-output equipment, as well as top-notch service at three different levels, guarantee a focused, in-house job rooted in quality.

  • ALF502
  • CF6-80A, CF6-80C2, CF6-80E
  • CFM56-5A, CFM56-5B, CFM56-5C, CFM56-7
  • Industrial – Capability listing upon request
  • Military – Capability listing upon request
  • PW2000
  • PW4000
  • PW6000
  • Rolls Royce – Capability being developed
  • V2500-A1, V2500-A5, V2500-D5
  1. Compressor Inlet Cone (Forward and Aft Segments) / Spinner
  2. Fan Module
    1. Front Fan Case (Containment Case)
    2. Fan Exit Outer / Inner Case
    3. Fan Exit / Outlet Guide Vanes
    4. Acoustic Liners
    5. Ice Impact Panels
    6. Bleed Duct
  3. Fan Exit / Outlet Guide Vanes
  4. Fan Exit Rear Case / Mid-Case
  5. Fan Frame Shroud
  6. Fan Frame
  7. Bearing and Seal Supports
  8. Bearing Nuts
  9. Fan Exit Fairing / Splitter
  10. LPC Stator Assemblies
  11. LPC Stator Segment Assemblies
  12. LPC Shrouds
  1. Welding
  2. Blending
  3. Machining
    1. Turning
    2. Milling
  4. Dimensional Restoration
    1. Nickel Plate
    2. Chrome Plate
    3. Plasma Spray and Dual Wire Arc
  5. Protective Surface Coating
    1. Painting
    2. Electroless Nickel
    3. Tedlar Film Application
    4. Anti-gall / Anti-seize application
    5. Anodize / Alodine
  6. Assembly
    1. Riveting
    2. Bonding
    3. Flare
    4. Helicoil Insert
    5. Clinch Nuts
    6. Nutplates
    7. Gang nut channels
  7. Special Processes
    1. Bonding
      1. Composite to metal
      2. Composite to composite
      3. Metal to metal
    2. Molding
      1. Silicone Abradable – Airseal
      2. Silicone Abradable – Rubstrip
    3. RTV
    4. Composite – Laminate Repair
    5. Composite – Foreign Object Damage – Patch Repair
    6. Composite – Replacement of damaged or missing section
  • OEM Engineering Authorization (EA)
  • One Time Concession (OTC)
  • Customer Departure Record (CDR)

The MRO Process

  • Once our team receives the customer order, we inspect and detail the needed repairs to restore the component to a serviceable status. If any part of repair is outside the current FAA approved data of Air Carriers approved maintenance program it will then be handled by the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) team for review. Alternatively, ACMT can develop a unique, authorized repair that could prevent a premature retirement from service of your parts. Of course, none of this will take place without customer approval.
  • Single Component Service – a traditional purchase order per-part repair
  • Integrated Component Systems – a long-term agreement for repair parts and overhaul that also includes cleaning and inspection, disassembly, and overhauling of components. Transportation and logistics are usually involved as well.
  • Parts that are discovered to be beyond repair are advised to the customer, and could potentially be candidates for an extended repair, but only after inspection and review.
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