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Internships and Real World Experience

ACMT has always had a keen interest in being involved with the community, as well as giving those interested in this specific line of work the opportunity to be trained and learn from some of the best in the industry. That’s why we offer internships in roles like engineering and Continuous Improvements (CI). An individual who takes on an internship with the company will be assigned specific tasks and projects which they will then be required to complete and report on weekly to employees in senior management.

Internships can offer a kind of on-the-job training that’s invaluable in such a specialized field, while also giving the company a chance to scout out the next generation of workforce. And with a company like ACMT that offers so many chances for internal growth and promotion, it can be a perfect starting point from which to define a career for a young person. It’s also a wonderful tool to improve a prospective future employee’s skillset and to see if they are indeed the right fit for such a forward-minded organization.

Take former intern Ryan Schmidt, for example. A Central Connecticut State University graduate in mechanical engineering, Ryan did his own internship with ACMT. Both he and the company saw the promise in this partnership, and now Ryan is a full-time employee, who helps to develop probing and scanning techniques, putting his education and real-world interning experience to use.

That’s just one story; there are numerous other current and continuing stories of our upcoming generation of workers, some in high school, others in nearby universities, who have joined the ACMT ranks to learn a trade and help guide the future of aerospace manufacturing. Some of our interns have been with us a few months, others for a year or more.

Nabeel Khan is a mechanical engineering intern, studying at UConn, who already has an eye towards his career, having spent 3 months at ACMT learning technical skills and innovations that will mold his professional future.

Anthony Marino is working into his second year as an intern, in the Continuous Improvement Engineering department. The 20-year-old, also a UConn student, is learning and developing the skills to work in an environment that requires communication and observation between so many different unique departments and employees.

A common misconception in the business world is that interns are temporary, or disposable. Nothing could be further from the truth at ACMT, where we have a proven track record of hiring and scouting at a local level, and that includes the interns that grace us with their time. We learn from each other. It cannot be understated how important it is to have interested people that come to learn from you, and to be able to use our professionalism here at ACMT to mold them, and to help them find their way in the field they have chosen.

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