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Turnkey Solutions

We’ve remained a flexible organization so that turnkey solutions can be seamlessly integrated into our operations. A turnkey solution by definition needs to be immediately usable upon its implementation. Those solutions could be as simple as billing processes or as complex as a new manufacturing method, but the overall end goal is to make the manufacturer the sole participant in the process, instead of several people or companies picking up different tasks. This makes ACMT unique, in that it’s responsible for the entire project, beginning to end. This also gives peace of mind to the customer in that they have one single contact for their work.

It starts with an idea.

The customer has a need and vision for how that need is met. Our job is to listen closely first, then pull upon our wealth of experience and resources to best meet that need. That’s why we have become so diverse in our projects: to make sure we never turn away a customer with a great idea or a specialized need.

Expertly Engineered

To go alongside our world-class people, we offer world-class engineering and production techniques and equipment. We have state-of-the-art machinery, often developed and fine-tuned by our own staff, to make sure the synergy of the process is always at the maximum level, whether we are building it for you, or maintaining or repairing it.

Depend on ACMT

We pride ourselves on speed to service, timely delivery and exceptional customer service. ACMT carries a 30-day supply of inventory, so the extra time of ordering parts is usually non-existent. Even after the project is completed, we follow up with each customer, rounding out a complete process of satisfaction and expert care.

Global (And Local) Leaders

Acquiring the reputation of a worldwide leader in a field means not just thinking about the global scale of things, but also giving back to the places where it all started. Investing in our employees through cross-training and tuition benefits, implementing internship programs through local universities, and collaborating with local tech companies only strengthens our community and ourselves. That kind of foundation is how we have been able to branch out globally, and it’s why you will find our craftsmanship all over the world.

Share Your Vision With Us

Let ACMT do the legwork for your project, and see just how a company with the trifecta of resources, experience, and great service can provide an experience that is simply unmatched.

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