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Having footholds in many different industries is how ACMT sets itself apart, and how we utilize our flexibility with manufacturing, technology innovation, and exemplary engineers.

ACMT Manufacturing Technologies, MRO – Repair Operations is a FAA (14 CFR) Part 145 Repair Station and operates under FAA and EASA regulations providing Overhaul and Repair services to Commercial Gas Turbine Engine components, assemblies, and modules.

ACMT provides many services for most major aviation manufacturers. We manufacture parts for domestic and international commercial companies, we repair, modify, overhaul, and inspect gas turbine components, and we supply adhesives and chemicals to commercial aviation companies. Rotor aircraft and airframe assemblies are also one of our many diverse offerings.

  • ACMT is registered under ISO and AS standards (for OEM) and has an audited quality system based on those standards.
  • Overhaul and Repair of Commercial Gas Turbine Engine components are federally regulated by the FAA under FAR 145. ACMT adheres to these regulations through our Repair Station Manual (RSM) under Air Agency Certificate # H03R013Y.
  • ACMT Certification in both FAA and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) that permit “Dual Release” on all parts inspected, repaired or overhauled.


ACMT works on many of today’s military aircraft by supplying hardware directly to the DOD and prime contractors.

Rotor Aircraft

ACMT developed a detailed strategy to target the world’s rotor aircraft market by creating a complete line dedicated to airframe and abrasion strips for rotor blade fabrication. Our approach and methodology is to consolidate the special processes and unique aspects of fabrication by bringing it all under one roof. In-house expertise, and in-house engineering. Our abrasion strip fabrication can handle blade lengths up to 20 feet in length, and we do both hot and cold forming on titanium alloy.

And overall, ACMT is able to handle an array of rotor aircraft sheet metal and rubber composite components, as well as sheet metal forming up to 20’ in length, by utilizing the latest technology available. Altogether this gives us hot forming capability, chemical clean and stress relief capabilities in this length. We also fabricate numerous other complex pieces, such as firewalls, inlets, and door and window assemblies.

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