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The engineers at ACMT make the highest-level decisions, and have often risen through the ranks utilizing our commitment to always invest in our employees and our communities. Often, our highest-level engineers have benefited from our internship programs and local university collaborations.

Again, our engineers don’t just identify problems, they solve them. They are responsible for all aspects of design and process development. Their capabilities are in design, fixture design, lean processing, value engineering, programming and research, and model base definition. Working in an IPT environment with the OEM. A full spectrum of services.

Our sophisticated sheet metal assemblies use top-of-the-line laser, water-jet cutting and CNC press brake equipment, but it doesn’t stop there. Having dedicated in-house, advanced, high-output equipment means we have the luxury of reduced cost and the foresight to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. Lower set-up and production times are also a byproduct of our investments, increasing efficiency and reducing waste. All of these solutions, processes, and methods are implemented by our rigorously-trained engineers who keep innovation and service at the forefront at all times.

ACMT leverages laser inspection, automated Blue Light inspection, and CMM probing and scanning technology to deliver the most precise part, reducing turnaround times and the overall expense to the customer. And dedicated clean rooms for silicones, epoxies and urethanes ensure the integrity of parts repaired or manufactured.

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