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Leading the Future

ACMT’s commitment to investing in technology, people, sustainability, and close working relationships with local business and universities is the only way to responsibly lead a business into a long-term future. From our humble beginnings in Connecticut, we have worked to integrate business and unique initiatives into the local community.

We are a member of the Aerospace Components Manufacturers group (ACM), and many of our team hold seats on the CBIA board and CCAT board. As far as labor sustainability, we work closely with organizations such as Junior Achievements, and workforce development is one of our nearest and dearest principles. One way we try to groom the next generation of skilled laborers is working with colleges such as Goodwin, UCONN, MCC, and Asnuntuk.

Lean Manufacturing practices at our facilities are another way that we reduce waste, and promote a more sustainable model for all future endeavors. We also make strides to cross-train our personnel in many different areas and in many different work procedures, which makes our workforce all the more valuable and knowledgeable. This is the keystone to making us such a flexible operation.

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